Geometric Methods for Machine Vision
Lecture Series 2016

Department of Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
26 Sept. - 20 Oct. 2016

Program Details

The Lecture Series on Geometric Methods for Machine Vision 2016 organized during 26 September - 20 October 2016 by the Department of Electrical Engineering in the vibrant campus of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India would be delivered by Prof. Bijoy Ghosh from the Texas Tech University, USA on his visit as the Shri Gopal Rajagarhia (SGR) Visiting International Distinguished Professor to IIT Kharagpur.

Topic I
26 - 29 Sept. 2016

Classical introduction to monocular vision using geometry and dynamical systems

1. Shape from Shading
2. Shape Dynamics and Coupled Riccati Equation
3. Perspective Systems Theory
4. Parameter Estimation using Observers and Filters

Topic II
3 - 6 Oct. 2016

Geometric problems in rotational mechanics and human gaze control

5. Rotations, Quaternions and Mechanics
6. Listing’s and Donders’ Laws for Eye and Head Movements
7. The Control Problems: Potential and Optimal
8. Binocular Vision: Version and Vergence Eye Movements

Topic III
17 - 20 Oct. 2016

Neural Signal Processing in Animal Vision

9. What is a neuron?
10. What is a Computational Neuroscience?
11. A computational model of turtle retina
12. A compartmental model of the turtle visual cortex



Dick and Martha Brooks Endowed Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
Fellow, IEEE; Fellow, IFAC

Campus Box 41042, Boston and Broadway
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409-1042, USA

IIT Kharagpur Office
Room no. N202
Department of Electrical Engineering

Host Faculty Contact

Dr. Debdoot Sheet | Dr. Nirmalya Ghosh | Dr. Anirban Mukherjee
Department of Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Kharagpur, WB, 721302, India